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Beyhadh बेहद Episode 11 - 25 October, 2016 On Location - YouTube Video for Beyhadh 25 October 2016 Tuesday Episode 11 - Sony TV▶ 5:45 Oct 15, 2016 - Uploaded by Serial Drama Masti Beyhadh बेहद Episode 11 - 25 October, 2016 On Location. ... Beyhadh - 24th October 2016 | Arjun Save Maya ... Beyhadh - बेहद - Episode 11-25th October, 2016 - On Location ... Video for Beyhadh 25 October 2016 Tuesday Episode 11 - Sony TV▶ 5:45 Oct 11, 2016 - Uploaded by Serial TV Maza Beyhadh - बेहद - Episode 11 -25th October, 2016 - On Location SET ... Beyhadh - 24th October 2016 - Full ... Beyhadh 25th October 2016 Episode 11 on Sony TV 9 hours ago - Beyhadh 25th October 2016 Episode 11 on Sony TV-Beyhadh 25 Octobert ... Beyhadh 25th October 2016 Full HD Episode,Beyhadh 25 October 2016 .... 25 October 2016, Beyhadh Live Episode aired on Tuesday October 25 ... Behadh serail 22 october episode 3 days ago - Productio Oct 11, 2016 Sony TV serial Behad Written Episode 11. sony tv Aug ... Results 1 - 9 of 9 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Sat 8:00 PM | Oct 22 2016. 5 days ago Behad 19th 4 days ago Beyhadh 18 October 2016 New ... Watch Online Episode HD Sony TV drama Serial 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 ... Beyhadh Episode 11 Promo 25th October 2016 | Dramas Online › Sony TV › Behad 2 hours ago - Watch Behad Episode 11 Promo 25th October 2016 at Sony TV Entertainment. ... Tuesday , October 25 2016 ... Behad (Beyhadh) Sony TV is new Indian thriller television drama series 11th Episode, which was premiere on 11 ... Beyhadh 11th October 2016 Full Episode 1 Video for Beyhadh 25 October 2016 Tuesday Episode 11 - Sony TV▶ 49:28 Oct 11, 2016 Tuesday , October 25 2016 ... Sony Tv 2 weeks ago Beyhadh Leave a comment 11,203 Views. Video watch ... Beyhadh Episode 11 | DramasFx Tuesday , October 25 2016 ... Beyhadh 25 October 2016 Episode 11 Online Full HD ... Beyhadh 25 October 2016 Episode 11 Watch Online, Beyhadh 25th October 2016 Indian Serial, Beyhadh 25 October 2016 Episode Sony Tv Drama. Beyhadh 25 October 2016 Episode 11 Online Full HD | DramasFx 8 hours ago - Beyhadh 25th October 2016 Episode 11 Online Full HD, Beyhadh 25 October 2016 Episode 11 ... Tuesday , October 25 2016 ... Beyhadh 25th October 2016 Indian Serial, Beyhadh 25 October 2016 Episode Sony Tv Drama. Beyhadh 24th October 2016 Full Episode 10 Video for Beyhadh 25 October 2016 Tuesday Episode 11 - Sony TV▶ 23:54 16 hours ago Video watch online Beyhadh Episode 10 aired on 24th October 2a016. Watch Sony Tv drama serial Beyhadh ... Beyhadh (First Episode) 11th October 2016 Watch ... - DesiSerials.TV Oct 11, 2016 - Beyhadh 11th October 2016 watch online desirulez, Beyhadh 11th October 2016 serial ... Sony TV drama Serial Beyhadh Today Episode .

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Behad 24th October 2016 Written Episode

Saanjh waits for Arjun on her scooter. He comes down. She gives him bouquet and says it is for Maya. He jokes he did not know she is so fast. She says shut up yaar and asks him to reach office on time. He says nobody can stop him from reaching office on time and lure Maya. Saanjh says so funny. Saanjh leaves after their usual nok jhok. Someone drops garbage on Arjun from balcony. He scolds him. He then reaches office 5 minutes late. Peon collects bet money from colleageus and tells Arjun if he coms late daily, they can share bet money. Arjun sees Maya and walks towards her. Assistant briefs Maya about her today’s meetings. Arjun shows her boquet. She reminisces yesterday’s lift inident. He says Maya..late..sorry…dusky… She asks assistant to fix a
meeting with client at 2 p.m. and leaves. Arjun says dusky’s plans always fail and gives bouquet to Maya’s assistant. Assistant gets happy.

At Saanjh’s office, boss Malkani asks her what is going between her and Maya, why Maya is so interested in her. She reminisces Ayan and Arjun taunting her that she must be interesed in Maya and shouts no…Boss scolds her and she walks back to her desk and thinks she is always in trouble because of Arjun. Arjun calls her and calls her makhi/fly. She asks if he told Maya. He says it is not easy to tell truth and asks what is happening between her and Maya. She says shut up and disconnects call. He says definitely something is going on.

Arjun then goes to Maya’s cabin with coffee and cookies, but Maya shows she is already sipping coffee. He tries to speak. She reminisces lift incident and leaves. He then tries to speak durring meeting, but she walks out. He calls her and tries to speaks. She disconnects call and walks to washroom. He gets into washroom. She asks what the hell. He pins her to a mirror and says cockroach, ghost, etc,, he is afraid of like she is afraid of dark. She says she is not. He says she is a normal girl and is also afraid, they can face it or run away. She leaves. He holds her hand and says she should not tell about his fears and he will not about hers. She leaves. He says he is a too cruel.

Arjun’s mother Vandana at Saanjh’s house helps Saanjh’s mother Suman in cooking and asks if Saanjh knows cooking, else Arjun has to fast after marriage. She says she is waiting for Arjun and Saanjh to accept their love. Dad says he is afraid that Arjun should also love Saanjh, else Saanjh will be lost.

Saanjh reaches Arjun’s office to meet Maya and asks Arjun if he told truth to Maya. He says not yet. She scolds him and enters Maya’s cabin. Maya is busy over phone and signals her come in. Saanjh says Malkani..meeting. Maya asks if she needs water. Saanjh says yes and gulps water in one go. Maya checks file and says Saanjh that she is efficient. Saanjh says thank you. Arjun signals her and she signals back. Maya notices it. Arjun enters and introduces himself to Saanjh and says Maya he needs to talk to her, but how in front of stranger. Maya says Saanjh works for her and he can speak and then asks Saanjh if he is mischievous since before and asks Arjun if he fought with model for Saanjh. He says no. Saanjh nodes yes. Arjun also nods yes. Maya asks since when they know each other. Sanjh says from childhood. Maya says their friendship should not interfere her work. Arjun says not all and nothing can interfere between their friendship also.

Arjun then walks out keeping his hand on Saanjh’s shoulder. Maya notices it. Arjun then takes Saanjh to cafeteria and they both enjoy. Maya notices them silently. She calls Saanjh’s boss and says she needs to talk about Saanjh. Arjjun and Saanjh get out of lift and Saanjh says he should have told truth to Maya. He says no.. She says she will go and inform. He pulls her back and she falls down and asks why did not he hold her. He says why should he. She shows Maya’s birth certificate and says tomorrow is Maya’s birthday and he should tell truth then. He asks how does she know and continues taunting her. Their nok jhok continues.

Maya reaches home and sees Maya working humming song. She sits on sofa chair and reminisces lift and bathroom incident with Arjun. Mom asks what happened, she had played music, decorated table, prepared dishes, she did not notice anything. Maya says I am sorry, let us have dinner. Mom serves food and says she prepared all her favorite dishes. Maya asks why all these today.

Arjun says Saanjh that we will take white boquet with white cake and white balloon to give birthday surprise to Maya. Saanjh says they can go tomorrow. He insists.

Maya gets up from dinner. Mom says it is already 15 years since that incident. Maya reminisces her 9th birthday and her father locking her in a room and says some incidents cannot be forgotten.

Precap: Arjun with Saanjh reaches Maya’s apartment building with cake and gifts to wish her birthday and walks towards her apartment. Maya opens door and panics seeing her father. Father shows her cake and says happy birthday to you. She shivers in fear. Mom pleads from behind to let Maya go.

Maya to commit suicide in Beyhadh

'Beyhadh' may just be a week old, but is already garnering a lot of appreciation and applause for the way it is being presented. In a mere 8-9 episodes, the show has already gripped several viewers who are on the edge of their seats waiting for twists and turns to happen. Currently, the indication of affection and love will finally be happening in the show where Maya (Jennifer Winget) will hug Arjun (Kushal Tandon) tightly after being petrified with the stuck-in-lift prank pulled by Arjun, himself.

The hatred will of course soon blossom into love for Maya. However, here is a piece of news which is sure to shock and thrill you.

The team has been shooting for an outdoor sequence in Mauritius. While Maya will be shown gradually getting closer to Arjun, she will finally fall in love with Arjun, thus deciding to express her love to him. In one-of-a-kind proposals (which will be revealed soon), Maya will PROPOSE to Arjun and tell him that she loves him. And this proposal would be nothing less of a drama, where this proposal will come across as a shock to Arjun. Well, Arjun would REJECT Maya's proposal and tell that he doesn't love her. And then would come the much awaited moment, where Maya would unleash her 'beyhadh' side and take a drastic step on facing rejection.

Maya will try to commit suicide. Yes! While Maya will try to commit suicide; on learning the same, Arjun would rush to her to save her. Arjun would then end up telling Maya that he loves her too. And thus begins the 'Beyhadh' love story of Arjun and Maya. Wonder how will this go down with Saanjh (Aneri Vajani)!!

Beyhadh 21 October 2016 Friday Episode 09 - Sony TV

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Part 2 - 21 October 2016: Beyhadh Episode 09

Behad 21st October 2016 Written Episode

Saanjh comes home with her friend after her friend’s wedding shopping. Friend insists her to try bridal dress. Saanjh hesitantly agrees and comes out wearing bridal dress. Friend says she is looking very beautiful.

At office, Maya looks at live CCTV footage and panics seeing her father in reception. She calls security and orders to kick the man out. Security stops father and he walks out looking into security camera. Saachi panics even more. In bathroom, Arjun’s drama continues. He looks at a fly and asks if she is Saachi and came to rescue him as she does usually.

Saanjh’s mom sees her in bridal dress and scolds that she used tell everything to her since childhood but hid about her marriage. Saanjh says she did not marry. Dad gets emotional and with
teary eyes says she is looking very pretty. Saanjh says she will go and change and leaves to her room. Mom asks dad to stop being emotional.

Saanjh comes to Arjun’s house and sees Ayan crying. She asks what happened to him and then sees him cutting onions. She asks if Arjun came back, his phone is not reachable. Ayan says Arjun is stuck in Maya’s magic.

Maya leaves office asking peon to leave Arjun after 10 min. She gets into lift and it stops in the middle. Arjun is seen tampering lift and laughing that Maya punished him for 6 hours, he will punish her for 6 minutes. Maya panics in lift and reminisces being locked in a room by her fathe in childhood and she pleading her parents to get her out. Arjun feels why she is not shouting, something is wrong. He opens lift door and sees her shivering in fear. He extends his hand and asks to hold it and come out. She imagines her mother extending hand and asking her to come out. She holds hand and comes out and hugs him tightly. Power comes. Arjun says that lift…Maya gets back to normal and leaves.

Arjun informs Saanjh and Ayan that he did with Maya. They both scold him for his mistake. He says even Maya locked him in a bathroom and forced him to drink beer. Saanjh says he is the one who drank beer in Maya’s cabin and stole her gold class movie tickets, Maya is just trying to teach her a lesson. Arjun continues his drama and Saanjh and Ayan continue correcting him.

Precap: Arjun tries to explain Maya what happened in lift. Maya sees Arjun and Saanjh’s friend and warns him not to mess work with friendship. He says he will not and is seen enjoying with Saanjh. Maya calls Saanjh’s boss and tells she needs to talk about saanjh..

Beyhadh 20 October 2016 Thursday Episode 08 - Sony TV

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Part 2 - 20 October 2016: Beyhadh Episode 08

Behad 20th October 2016 Written Episode

Arjun exchanges Maya’s gold class complementary movie tickets with economy class tickets. He goes to theater with Saanjh and Ayan to movie and they all 3 sit on gold class tickets and enjoy popcorn before movie. They see Maya standing out with her mother and hide under seat. Maya enters hall and shows tickets to ticket checker who says she has enecomy class tickets under gold class envelope. She gives money and asks checker to get gold class ticket. Checker says show is houseful. Maya tries to leave, but her mom convinces her to watch movie in economy class. Arjun with Saanjh and Ayan watch movie and hide again under seat. Maya walks out with mother. They all 3 walk out next and throw gold class tickets in dustbin. Maya comes back and asks someone to take out tickets and fumes
seeing gold glass tickets in economy class envelope.

Next morning, Arjun goes to office and sees employees going under a security check. He asks colleagues who says bulglary happened in Maya’s office, so everyone is frisked out. He jokes. Saanjh calls her and tells their school friend Dimple is coming for her marriage shopping. Arjun says he does not like her as she always used to make them fight. Saanjah says she has taken off today and will enjoy shopping with Dimple. Peon comes and asks Arjun if he stole anything. Arjun says no.

Arjun is frisked next. Maya calls everyone to conference room in 5 min. She asks everyone to except the crime whoever has done it. Everyone stand silently. Peon asks Arjun again if he stole anything. Arjun says no. Maya asks assistant to play CCTV footage. Assistant is shown entering Maya’s cabin and correcting her makeup, Peon munching tobacco, then Arjun exchanging tickets. Arjun says those are just tickets and assistant told Maya does not go to movies. Maya says except yesterday and asks peon to call police. Arjun walks behind her and says she cannot call police for silly mistake. Maya says he should have practiced law instead of joining fashion house. Arjun requests. She says okay, he has to stay locked in bathroom for 6 hours. He says everyone say she has weak sense of humor, but they are wrong. She says police lockup or bathroom. He asks if she is serious. She goes out and in front of all asks peon to take Arjun’s mobile and lock him in bathroom for 6 hours, goes back to her cabin.

Arjun says peon to spare him and take 100, 200, 300 rs. Peon takes his mobile and locks him in bathroom. Arjun starts pulling paper towel, tissue paper, throwing water around, spoiling bathroom.

Saanjh takes her friend Dimple to her room and says she can stay here. Dimple sees Saanjh an d Arjun’s pic and asks if she is still stuck with him.. Saanjh says Arjun is hard working and has joined as fashion photographer in big fashion house. Friend asks if she loves Arjun. Saanjh says no, they are good friends. Friend continues taunting Maya and explains how one feels i love.

Arun continues his drama in bathroom and tries to break door, but gets hurt. Maya in her cabin looks at office live CCTV footage and panics seeing her dad coming in.

Preca: Maya gets stuck in lift due to electricity failure and panics. Arjun breaks lift and enters. Maya hugs him tightly.

Beyhadh 19 October 2016 Wednesday Episode 07 - Sony TV

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Part 2 - 19 October 2016: Beyhadh Episode 07

Behad 19th October 2016 Written Episode

Maya gives termination letter to Arjun and 2 other employees. Arjun asks her to terminate him and spare other 2. She asks him to drink beer until she says to stop termination. He gulps bottles after bottles and falls unconscious. Maya tears termination letters. Employees drop arjun home.

In the morning, Saanj throws water on Arjun and wakes him up. She scolds him why did he drink so much liquor. He tries to speak. She continues scolding why did he drink in office.

Maya at her home prays god and apologizes for punishing Arjun and says she had to teach him a lesson for his mistake. She hears mom shouting from her room and rushes in and sees mom throwing things on servants. Maya calms her down. Mom says she wants to go out and is tired of her room. Maya says she should
be in her room for her protection and promises sh will take her out.

Arjun travels in his jeep with Saanjh towards his office. Saanjh sees temple on the side of road and asks him to stop. He says no… She gets out of jeep and starts praying in front of temple. People silently carry temple. Arjun laughs and says god also is afraid of Dusky/Saanjh and jokes with her.

Arjun reaches home and sees Maya still has not come to office. Colleagues see him and run away. He goes and sits on his desk and asks peon what is happened. Peon says everyone has bet that he will get someone out of job today and requests to do so as he has bet 200 rs. Arjun starts sketching Maya with horns. Maya enters office and watches him dring her pic with horn. Arjun gets afraid seeing her and apologizes. She walks to her cabin. He walks behind and says he will leave before she terminates him again. She says he drew it right, next time he should draw bigger horns. She then asks him to complete project and then go. Arjun goes back to his desk and starts working.

Maya gets complementary gold class show tickets. She calls her mom and says she is coming home and will take her out. Arjun continues working on his desk. Maya’s assistant tells him that he has to stay till 12 midnight and finish his project. She gives him economy class tickets and says she will take Maya’s gold class tickets as Maya does not go anywhere. Arjun goes to Maya’s cabin. She gets up and hits his nose by mistake. He says it is okay. She goes out. He sees gold class tickets, reminisces assistant’s words, and silently changes gold class tickets with economy class tickets and silently leaves.

Precap: Maya with her mom goes for a show and security stops them and says she just has gold class envelope with economy class tickets in it. Arjun, Saanjh, and Ayan get afraid seeing Maya and peep from seats. Maya fumes.

Beyhadh 18 October 2016 Tuesday Episode 06 - Sony TV

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Part 1 - 18 October 2016: Beyhadh Episode 06

Part 2 - 18 October 2016: Beyhadh Episode 06

Behad 18th October 2016 Written Episode

Maya checks her office’s live CCTV footage and fumes seeing Arjun with 2 other colleagues enjoying beer and partying. Arjun leaves office with colleagues backbiting about Maya. He sees Maya coming to office and asking if he is not afraid of her. He says no. She becomes ghost and he worriedly wakes up from sleep and realizes it was her dream. Saanjh is present there. Arjun says he saw Maya as ghost in dream. She says if he sleeps so much, he will get bad dream obviously. Their usual nok jhok continues.

Maya reaches office and asks assistant if Arjun came. Assistant says not yet. Maya gathers employees and asks who is afraid of god. Everyone raise their hands. One of them asks assistant why she is talking about god. Assistant says she is talking about herself. Maya continues
asking employee if they think their mistake will be hidden by boss.

At Arjun’s home, mom prepares Arjun’s favorite sandwitches and serves it to Saanjh and Ayan. Ayan says Saanjh if she comes to this house, he does not have to eat Arjun’s favorite sandwiches daily. Mom comes back. Saanjh says aunty. Ayan asks to call mummyji. Arjun comes and mom shows sandwiches. Arjun says he is getting late for presentation. Saanjh convinces him to have breakfast finally. He takes and leaves.

Saanjh waits for Arjun and starts presentation with client. Client says he did not like her campaign. Arjun comes and shakes hand with client. Client who is gay likes Arjun. Arjun briefs about his garam masala named campaign, seducing gay client. Client says he liked his campaign and asks Maya to include Arjun’s campaign. Once client leaves, Arjun says Maya he did this to get contract from client. Maya leaves. Arjun challenges his colleagues that he will force Maya to say thank you and walks behind her, but she ignores him.

Saanjh gets Arjun’s call. She goes to washroom and picks his call. He says his campaign was successful, but Maya did not even say thank you, she is very arrogant. Boss knocks door. Saanjh comes out. Boss says whatever they get ideas in bathroom are stinky always and says let us go to meet Maya Malhotra. Saanjh gets tensed and calls Arjun. Arjun who is clicking outdoor public pics frightens her that Maya is a big problem and Maya has problem with problem, she should call her parents and inform that she is gone, says even she will get ghost dreams like him from hereon. Saanjh goes to ganesh temple and prays god that he does 90% of her job, but hanumanji is strong in ghost issues. She goes to hanuman temple next and prays god to save her from ghosts, she chants few hanuman chalisa verses and says she knows only this much.

Maya goes to hotel and gets afraid seeing her father. She starts shivering in fear and holding guard’s hands asks him to get him in. Guard sees her very afraid. Once she goes in till lift and her dad walks out, she gives 500 rs note to guard. Guard says he does not take money from children and asks if she is fine. She says guests are called madam and walks out.

Maya then meets Saanjh and her boss and discusses about her company issue, wrongly transferring 25% of her compan stake to some other company. Saanjh’s boss suggests her to give some crores to other company and get the matter settled. Maya’s manager says their company will not compromise. Saanjh reads file and says she has solution. Boss scolds her. Maya asks what is solution. Saanjh reminisces Arjun’s words and starts blubbering weird wordss. Maya says solution. She tells when she signed contract, she was not 18 and was minor, so contract is invalid. Maya walks out ordering boss that she will deal with only Saanjh hereon. Boss boasts that is he hires young talent.

Maya calls 2 employees who partied with Arjun in her cabin last night. Arjun comes late and assitant tells him that Maya is waiting for him. He goes to Maya’s cabin and seeing beer on table, opens a bottle and starts sipping. Maya gives him letter. He says this is her way of thanking by giving promotion, opens letters and is shocked to see his and other 2 employees’ termination letter. He thinks how dose Maya know about his last night’s party and says Maya she cannot terminate him.

Precap: Arjun asks Maya to terminate him and spare other 2 employees. Maya says if he wants to save them, he should drink beer till she says no. He drinks bottles of beer and falls down unconscious.

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